Welcome to the Cats Limited Virtual Pet Memorial where we invite you to celebrate your cat’s life and the incredible bond you’ve shared. Experiencing the loss and sadness of losing a beloved pet is most often very difficult. Creating an online memorial in your pet’s honor can be healing and rewarding. Please submit your cat’s story, any message you’d like to share about their life and your favorite image of them to cats@catslimited.com. Please limit submissions to 300 words or less.

Sammy DuPuis
2005 – 2019

Sammie was a true beauty. We called her our black Puma beauty. From the moment my 8 yr. old son and I laid eyes on her in a cage at our vet’s office, we fell in love with her. She loved us and gave us 14 years of companionship and laughter. She loved dinner time. She ran to the table every night and sat by my side, reaching up and patting my arm with her paw until I shared some chicken or steak with her. Sammie was not verbal. She never meowed but she was physical. Using her head and her paws to get my attention when she wanted to be petted, brushed, fed or just held was her way of communication. The only time she made a sound was when I had fresh shrimp in the kitchen. She would immediately run to the kitchen and make loud guttural meow sounds while shaking her entire body letting me know she wanted some shrimp. The first time this happened I laughed so hard because she was so animated when usually she was very quiet. Shrimp was her favorite treat and it would cause the same reaction from her every time. Sammie followed me everywhere I went in the house. She didn’t want me out of her sight for too long. We miss her so much. She brought so much love into our lives. When she got sick it was the saddest time in our lives. Rest In Peace our sweet baby girl. You’ll be Forever in our Hearts.

❤ Love Mom, Dad, Thomas & Molly

Giasmin Johnson
2003 – 2018

My pretty girl Giasmin was a rescue kitten (3-4 weeks old) and quickly entertained us with her silly antics and whimsical charm. She had one extra digit on each of her floppy white paws, intense blue eyes, and a crick at the end of her tail. In typical Siamese fashion, she was vocal, demanding and always had the last word (even in the process of falling asleep), and undisputed winner of the stare contest. Giasmin must have channeled the spirit of Audrey Hepburn- she was classy, beautiful, silly, lady-like and a bit mischievous. As a kitten she loved chasing the shadows that darted across our walls when cars would pass our parking lot at night, dump her toy mice into her water dish, and loved to have her tail lightly pulled. Over our 15 yrs and 4 months together Giasmin was with me for 2 Masters Degrees, 3 moves (TX, CA and CT), endured sharing me with 2 male cats, 15 years of military assignments/deployments, and 2 surgeries. Giasmin later became a lap-cat once she was the only pet in the house. She was like a little hot water bottle over my legs as I worked on my laptop or tried to read. Her favorite place was wherever I sat, or in front of the fireplace. In her final year, Giasmin developed severe asthma and needed an inhaler with oral medicine. She would bounce back, but in the end our combined efforts were futile. On the evening of 01 Oct 2018, I gave Giasmin her final kisses on the ears, head, nose, paws, and crooked tip of her tail. In true Giasmin fashion, she purred until the end, always knowing how much she was loved. I miss her every day. Until we see each other at the Rainbow Bridge- XOXO

Gary “The Noon” Wright
2005 – 2018

What can you say about the best cat in the world? Gary, you are the brightest part of our day and truly our claim to fame. Everyone who knows us won’t let a day go by without hearing a story or asking to see some pictures of “the Noon”. There are so many stories that will forever keep us smiling. From the first day Mom brought you to us and we lost you in a room with nothing in it, to the day you accidentally fell in the toilet and turned your legs blue. You were the best roommate and friend two sisters could have and there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think about how much we love and miss you. Your legacy for being the best cat in the world will live on forever. We love you Gary and can’t wait to see you again on the other side. Continue to watch out for us like our little bodyguard and be the boss in heaven.

Love always,
Tenequa & Tiffany

Cyd Pearson
1998 – 2018

Our Cyd was a funky character and a great addition to our family. When he first came to us, he was described as an “outside cat” that we were holding for “a couple of weeks, until Kathy came back from vacation” (no last name, no phone number). Instead, he spent most of his time indoors, loved our dogs and most of his outside time was spent following us on dog walks (people would take pictures). He moved with us many times over the years, always happy with our dogs and always looking for a new tree or other sunny spot to lay in when he was outside. We miss him terribly.

Vanessa Loeffler
(The Quiet One)

May 17, 2005 – July 14, 2018

Your presence continues to be felt in every room in our house. Upon waking, there is a soft furry weight missing from my chest along with a sweet meow reminding me that it’s time to get up. Oscar misses you and frequents all your favorite places – the bathtub faucet, the sink, the red carrier, and your favorite brown cardboard box. He now sleeps alongside me where you used to sleep; and when I come home, there are only two green eyes greeting me at the door.

Sweet girl we miss your smile. We were a team, a family, and we always thought you would be here. Sometimes I think I see you briefly scurrying behind the recliner or feel you brush against my leg. Although you are gone in body, your spirit and soul remain with us forever. We love you and miss you.

Oscar, Dad, and Mom

Bonnie Rose Lavoie
(Bonnarama Bonster BonBon)

July 28, 2002 – May 25, 2018

Sixteen years ago, my young daughter selected Bonnie from a litter of older “rescue” kittens at the Petco in Newington. Bonnie was definitely not the most attractive kitten and I remember thinking, “Really? This one?” Bonnie had ear mites, black scales on her nose and ears, and an impish expression. She also saw our well-ordered home as her playground. Curtains were ripped down, the recliner and couches were shredded, toys were destroyed, and we didn’t sleep for over a month because Bonnie wanted to play attack games– or lie in our neck crevasses and drool. I remember being exhausted from lack of sleep and from being slightly afraid of the kitten. I thought we made a mistake.

Well, I’m sure you know where this is going… our Bonnie grew up and became our beautiful, plump, darling girl. Loving, smart, intuitive, friendly, and attentive to each one of us in equal measure, Bonnie was our adoring lap cat and her greatest pleasure in life came whenever one of us sat or lied down — so she could cuddle. You never watched television, read a book, typed a paper, took a nap, or talked on the phone without Bonnie right there, on you. She kept each one of us warm and appreciated for as many hours as we could offer. It was heavenly. We really miss our sweet girl.

I am so glad that my daughter bonded with that particular kitten because Bonnie Rose really was the ugly duckling that grew into the lovely and loving swan. Many thanks to her caring staff and doctors at Cats Limited, who patiently listened to our long-winded concerns and were always nurturing and professional. What an amazing practice.

Woogie Nolen
4/8/2010 – 5/15/2018

Woogie came to our home as part of a trio – along with his brother, Scout and his sister, Shadow. My daughter’s friend’s cat was having kittens that they couldn’t keep. As I was grieving the loss of our 14 year old kitty, Simba, I made it CLEAR that I needed kitties in my house in order to survive. Taking that to heart, my daughter brought me all 3 fur babies when they were 8 weeks old. My heart was overflowing with kitty love.

Woogie was my big, beautiful boy. He was clearly the alpha, but he was always gentle with me. Although he didn’t like being picked up, he would sit next to me, or lay on my legs – but always on his terms. He had a purr that would rival a small car engine. He loved being groomed by Scout, and would sit so very still while I cleaned his ears.

His favorite place was on our sunroom where he could bask in the sunshine, and watch the birds and chipmunks in my garden. His favorite toy was a ball of aluminum foil, and he would come running when he heard the foil being torn. He loved being around water, and would wait in the bathroom for me to take my morning shower.

Last year we learned he had advanced kidney disease, and my heart broke. He was only 7 at the time, and I had planned on at least another 5 years with him. But it was not to be. Dr. Hester and the staff at Cats Ltd helped me take care of my sweet boy during his decline the past few months. I knew the end was in sight, and so did he. I’m so grateful to Dr. Hester for helping Woogie cross the Rainbow Bridge.

I’m so thankful for the time Woogie and I had together, and although it was only 8 short years, he has a permanent place in my heart. Love you forever, Woogles.

Sally Nolen

Jackson Davis
5/17/09 – 11/17/17

We went to the Humane Society looking for a cat and as we walked by one of the cat condos, a brown tabby jumped up and started pawing at the door. We knew we had to meet him and within minutes we knew he would be coming home with us. That day we adopted Jackson and though his time with us was far too short, he brought a lot of joy to our home. He loved to sleep on the back of the chair near our sliding glass door in the sun and play with his toys. But his favorite things were belly rubs and letting us know when it was time for breakfast. Until we meet again, we love you and miss you Jackson!

~Alyssa Davis

Caramel Sutton
November 20, 2002 – November 10, 2017

We adopted Caramel from the Connecticut Humane Society in Newington on November 20, 2002, and it was love at first sight. She wasn’t too sure of her new home and spent the first 24 hours hiding in a closet.

Eventually she came out and was a delight from that day forward. What captivated us about her was her beautiful caramel colored streaked fur and her sweet and friendly disposition. Caramel was soon to realize that her weekends would be spent at our beach home.

This would require her to travel 2 hours by car each way and sometimes she wasn’t too thrilled about the trip. However, once she arrived at our cottage, she loved the screened in porch and the many windows that she could look out at the squirrels, chipmunks and assorted birds.

Caramel was a “mouser” to the maximum. She left quite a few of her “catches” in our shoe or next to our bed!! One of her many favorite spots in the house was on the back of Bob’s chair in his study. She would sit up on the back and wrap her tail around Bob’s cheek. This would require him to bring his arm up and give her lots of pets. We nicknamed her “the pet sponge”. Caramel enjoyed being part of Nancy’s book group and would sit with the ladies when they discussed the book. She was always the center of attention. She would love to play during the day with us and would chase a ball or a stuffed mouse around for quite a while. Our children and grandchildren loved her and were so very sad to hear that she had died. Our home is not the same without her but we have the most wonderful memories and pictures of our beautiful girl, Caramel.

Thank you to the staff at Cats Limited Veterinarians Hospital for the 15 years of wonderful care to Caramel.

Boo Steiner
2003 – 2017

We will miss you Boo. Your presence will be missed when we open the door and you are no longer there to greet us and our computers will have no more competition for our laps. You were a fighter – rescued from a plastic bag in a dumpster as a kitten, found after a 24 hour stay wandering around the Atlanta airport courtesy of Delta and cheerful despite 11 years of life with two girl kitties that never quit picking on you. If there is a kitty heaven I am sure you are enjoying the endless bowls of food and cushions that no one cares if you pee on. RIP my sweet kitty.

~Dom, Kim, Luke, Elliot, and Adam Lebel

Sweetie Connellan
5/20/2006 – 7/18/2017

Sweetie, our beloved tiny little black cat, was ferocious and yet sweet and loveable when he wanted to be. He was the king of our neighborhood, especially with other cats and when crossing the street. Our little monster boy was invincible. Then at 10 yrs old, he came down with lymphoma. Even his illness could not bring him down. He lived over two more years when we thought he would only make it for 6 months. He was our little fighter. One day he came up to me and put his head down in front of me to pet him and say thank you for trying to help me. He was a fighter right to the end. He was our beloved Sweets! See you in Heaven. Loved always, and never forgotten.

~Mom, Dad, Tuffie, & Boy

Fiddlesticks Trouble Weingast
1998 – 2017

We have said goodbye to our beloved, cantankerous cat Fiddlesticks Trouble Weingast. She was with us for 19 years. She did not like people. She growled and hissed at most. She was a picky eater. We loved her anyway – hmmmm, sounds like some friends and family members we know. We thank you Fiddle for giving us love, laughter, fear, angst and many good stories to share. I especially like the one where you trapped a neighbor in our basement and she had to call me for help to get out. Yes, you were not the friendliest but you were sincere. When you showed you liked someone (not often), we all knew you meant it. It was a privilege to be loved by you. We wish you well on your journey to your next life and we thank the good-natured people of Cats Limited for overseeing your care all these years.

Daisy Kotler
2002 – 2017

My beloved Daisy entered my life 14 ½ years ago, right at holiday time. One of the first things I did for her was to make her a Chanukah stocking and a Christmas stocking. I have an assortment of photos of Daisy for every holiday throughout the year, as she loved to celebrate anything with me. Daisy was a very sweet cat, loved by all my family members, and she returned the love. She allowed everyone in the family to pet and play with her, a trait her brother Buddy did not possess. Every visit to her Grandma and Granpa’s house, she would sit in the kitchen window while food was prepared and consumed. While the family enjoyed watching television, she would commandeer the best viewing chair. And, we all accommodated her, finding other seats, as watching her sleep was often more entertaining than the program. Daisy often would put her paw on my arm and give a gentle squeeze. This action was something my grandmother used to do, giving me the peculiar sensation of Daisy channeling my grandmother’s love to me. Daisy would easily be found on the arm rest of my chair, lying down on paper’s I was grading, or walking on my keyboard while typing. She always was close by, which gave me tremendous joy over the years. Daisy was predeceased by her brother Buddy, and leaves behind her adopted brother, Gilligan. Gilligan misses her companion ship as much as I do. Daisy has left my arms, but will never leave my heart.

Lightning Beatrice
2004 – 2017

Lightning had the sweetest personality. Her loud purring and double paws were legendary. She could be shy, but she loved her family dearly. She was happiest when she could lay in a ray of sunshine and have her belly rubbed.
We were so lucky to have her, and she is missed.

~Dan, Meri, Kat, Adam, and her brother Thunder

Oliver Norris : 1999 – 2012
Tibbs Norris : 1999 – 2017

This is a picture that was taken of Oliver and Tibbs when they were first brought to Cats Limited in 1999. The Norris family recently shared it with us in their memory.

Emerald Kuck
2004 – 2017

Emerald is gone and the hard truth is that we cannot save them all, it hurts.

You can drive 2 hours to a shelter to pick up a beautiful 12 year Siamese cat that has been given up due to her owner’s health problems. You can review the medical records that only show a problem throwing up with some brands of cat food. You can pick her up and have her melt into your arms, give you head butts, and eagerly enter the carrier.

You can have a wonderful drive home with no feline complaints.

You know this is a wonderful cat because the first day Emerald gives lots of head butts, has a desire to be held, to be rubbed, and to sit on your lap.

But your second day becomes a nightmare when she has her Vet check-up. You have a good veterinarian, one who is gentle, caring, and thorough. Because your vet is good she discovers a granular mass under the rib cage, something that had not been found by a different Vet 3 weeks earlier.

You have X-rays taken and the cruel truth is that it is that your foster cat has cancer. The prognosis is that the beautiful, loving cat that you hold in your arms has at best, 2 months to live.

You take her home and send the x-rays to your rescue center in Virginia, they confirm the prognosis, and in three days her health rapidly declines. Despite all of the supportive care provided, there is nothing you can do to change the outcome.

In the end it all fails, you adopt her as your own, so she has someone of her own, and help her over the bridge.

I miss you Emerald, sleep well and I will see you again when it is my turn at the bridge.

Peter Kuck,
Evaluator, Foster, and Transporter for Virginia Siamese Rescue

Amy Robbins
2002 – 2017

Mic Mac
5/26/00 – 1/14/17
Although I have had a number of cats throughout my life, Mic Mac was special. She had a penetrating wisdom when she gazed at my through her deep, luminous eyes and I felt we were able to communicate telepathically at times. Of course, she had the combination of wisdom, cunning, and playfulness that is inherent in a cat. I didn’t know Mic Mic until she was 7 because for the first part of her life she was a breeding cat for a Maine Coon Cattery up in NH, really a wonderful place. But her owner wanted her to have a family of her very one and all of us loved Mic Mac right from the start. How I will miss her trills, eeps, and variations of the meow as well as her affection. I think of her often.

Aragon Brocco

2004 – 2016

I’ll never forget the first time I saw this spirited black kitty in the cage at my former vet’s office. He had these eyes that just drew me to him. I already had a cat and didn’t think I could bring another one into my household. So I told myself, “You can’t do it” and hoped that he would find a good home. I went home and could not stop thinking about him. It was a weekend so I knew I wouldn’t be able to do anything until that Monday. So the whole weekend I just had this anxious feeling that I want this kitty and hope that nobody had expressed interest in him. Monday came and I called the vet. Thank God he was still available. I then claimed him. From that day my life changed. I decided to name him Aragon after Lord Aragon from Lord of the Rings. He became the king of my realm.

Aragon was more of a dog than cat. I had to wonder if he had been one in his former life. He would play fetch with me. He loved Q-Tips so I would throw one and he would bring it back. I was astounded. I never saw a cat do this. If I was eating he would be right in front of me waiting for me to share. If he didn’t like it, he would make the scratching motion as if he was in his litter box. lol I guess he was letting me know that I sucked as a cook. lol THAT always cracked me up. I would call him my Sous chef. He would always remind me when I had something on the stove and forgot about it or let me know when it was time to check on something I was cooking. Everywhere I went, he was right with me. If humans have soulmates in the kitty world, Aragon was mine.

Aragon trained me well. He told me when he wanted food, told me and showed me when his kitty box was not cleaned to his expectations and when he needed some loving. He was there for me through my rough times. He was the light through my darkness.
If he only knew the number of times he saved my life.

I will miss my handsome boy. I am so grateful for the time that we had together. I thank you Aragon for all your love and support and want you to have fun with Annye and all the other animals that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you again Cats Limited for everything.

~Diane Brocco

Oliver Plourde
2010 – 2016
In memory of Oliver, my magnificent loving boy. Oliver died Monday morning 8/8/16 from an obstructed urinary tract. He didn’t show symptoms until I found him Monday morning lying flat on his belly outside the littler box. He was not moving, did not respond to my voice and was shaking. I got him to the vet quickly but he died under anesthesia a couple of hours later. It was too late. All my cats are now on Royal Canin prescription SO food for urinary tract health. If only I knew, I would have used this food or a similar prescriptive food as a preventative long ago. Oliver is greatly missed by his feline brothers and sisters; Chai, Fernando, Nimbus, Momo and Stella and his human family; Margaux, Andy, Kelsey, Miranda, and Jason too. Oliver was just getting bold enough to explore the newest family addition, Miko, our English Golden retriever. They would have been great friends if given a little more time together. Oliver was a shy boy who took his time getting to know you but in the last year of his life he discovered how great the bed was and human affection. He enjoyed his ears being scratched and being held like a baby. Oliver, without a doubt, was my most beautiful cat. He was mommy’s little boy and he knew he was so loved. I am so sorry my sweet little boy. I wish so much that I had known you were sick. I am so sorry I couldn’t save you. I will never forget you and I will love you forever. RIP Oliver. XOXOXO

Cookie Connellan
June 2000 – July 25, 2016
Cookie, just a Beautiful Girl! Cookie was like a human companion. We could read what each other was thinking. She had great insight, perception and curiosity that made her so special! She was always there for me. She would come up to me and give me kisses on my cheek! She would play tag with me and loved playing with laser lights. We spoke to each other with our eyes which expressed the love we had for each other! I love you always Beautiful Girl – hope to see you in the next life. ~Love, Mom

Zenny Manchester
May 2007 – June 2016
Zenny was such a kind and gentle cat. He loved to sit with my niece’s guinea pigs, never harming them. Sometimes he would slowly reach out his paw, and barely touch them. Most mornings, he would quietly paw at my door; I still find myself opening it for him. And I miss his gentle taps on my arm when he wanted to be petted. He was also a cat that loved to play fetch. He would get so excited when I scrunched-up a piece of paper and threw it. He would race after it, toss it around a bit, and then bring it back and drop it at my feet, again and again. Supposedly, his mother wasn’t very motherly, and his litter was raised by the family dog, which may explain some things. I would have played fetch with you forever, Zenny. You were such a good boy. I thank Dr. Hester and Cory for helping him pass so peacefully in his own backyard. And I thank Dr. Lafer and all the staff for being so kind and caring. Courtney

Tigeey Adorno
12/3/95 – 6/3/16
Tigeey was very very laid back-a big reason why he lived for 20 and a half years- but he was not at all aloof. He always had to be close by someone and was very affectionate. We will miss how he followed us around the house, our meowing discussions, and how he would proudly prance in the backyard when taken out on his leash for a little fresh air. If there ever was a perfect cat, it was Tigeey.

Miles Davis Churchill
1999 – 2016
Miles Davis was a feral kitten when I adopted him. When I first brought him home, other than feeding time, he would not come out from under the bed. I spent hours on the bedroom floor with a feather toy doing my best to coax him out. He came out slowly — first just a paw, then a little nose, finally his head. After a about a week, he was cuddling on my lap and sleeping on my pillow at night. He was my beloved furry baby for 17 years. I will miss him terribly, but the sweet memories I have of him will always be in my heart. Thank you Dr. Hester and the staff at Cats Limited for your kindness and compassion. ~Pamela

Lightning Mills
1/13/2000- 6/6/2016
Lightning was not just our pet, she was our best furry friend. She was always there to greet us in the morning and when we got home at the end of a long day. She was always there to follow us around the house, often as we sang “Me & My Shadow” to her. She loved to cuddle on the couch with us, she loved to beg for her favorite treat of chicken. At bedtime she wanted nothing more than to sleep on the bed with us where her sweet purr would lull her mama to sleep. That purr was the most comforting and amazing sound. We were lucky enough to spend 10 of her 16 1/2 years with her…10 wonderful years of love and companionship.

  One week ago today we said goodbye to our sweet Lightning Bug. There is an emptiness in our house, but more so a great emptiness in our hearts and souls. To lose a fur baby so special, it’s a pain that is almost too much to bear.

“If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.” We will always love you & forever miss you our wonderful Buggies!

~Ginger & Jason Mills

Abby Morena
9/3/1999 – 5/5/2016
We fell in love with Abby’s photo on the Lilac Farms “Available Felines” page even before we met her, a raven black cat with huge copper eyes. When we brought her home, she was so shy that she hid behind a dresser for three days. Then, one evening we heard her sweet meow on the stairs, her announcement that she was ready to join our family, and she sauntered into our living room and our hearts. She blossomed into a wonderful companion, who loved belly rubs, deli turkey, and a rousing game of chase. We will miss her always and treasure her memory forever.

Tigre Mogul
2002 or 2003 – 2016
When we first met Tigre at the CT Humane Society, we immediately loved her sweet face and beautiful markings. She really “interviewed” us and decided we were acceptable, and so began twelve fun and, at times, crazy years! Although she could be naughty (and many of the staff at Cats Limited have the war wounds to prove this!), she was also playful and loving. She would greet us at the door when we’d come home and she could run the perimeter of the first floor in a flash. Tigre could sense when we felt ill, and would come and snuggle with us. Her curious nature got her into places she shouldn’t have gone, and the little fighter in her looked forward to her weekly altercation with her boyfriend, Big Red. She had a very tough last few weeks, but she remained as determined as ever. She was our perfect cat and we will never forget her. ~Dave & Penny

Hero Rahmy
Hero was one of two adult cats adopted from a local shelter by our daughter Cleo. He had piercing blue eyes and a coat the color of a toasted marshmallow (with a demeanor that was equally sweet). He was a very vocal (likely part-Siamese) and loving companion, and he served as a stealthy ring bearer when our son-in-law Matt proposed to Cleo. Hero’s health declined in his final year, and by July 2015 he was too sick to travel with Cleo and Matt when they moved to California. Though we already had three cats, we became his caretakers, and Hero moved in with “cousins” who each accepted him in the household to varying degrees. With the help of Cats Limited we did our best to keep Hero safe and comfortable until his passing on February 8, 2016. We miss him and feel blessed to have had him in our lives, and we will be forever grateful to the incredible staff of Cats Limited who showed so much concern for the He-Man throughout his time in our care. Barry and Tara Rahmy

Casey Peters
2003 – 2016
Casey, our beautiful diluted calico, was rescued by the Arizona Animal Welfare League and adopted into our family in the spring of 2004. A year and a half later she bravely flew cross country in a carrier that fit under the seat of an airplane when we moved to Connecticut. She was part of our family for 12 years – waking us every morning, greeting us at the door when we came home, protecting us from men wearing work shoes, demanding supper at exactly 6 p.m. and purring us to sleep every night. We miss her and her antics so much. RIP Casey.

Flash Adorno

We picked out Flash from a litter of kittens for my parents. He was a very unique cat and perfect for my parents. He acted like a cat for my Mom and when he was alone with my Dad, he acted like a dog. After my Mom died, Dad and Flash were inseparable. Whenever Dad had to go out, Flash would wait by the door and upon my Dad’s return would jump on his chest and lie on my Dad’s upper chest saying “you can’t go anywhere now”.We brought Flash to our house after my Dad died and introduced him to our cats over a few weeks. Flash died 5 years later (last Monday) almost to the day we brought him into our house for good. He was the smartest cat we ever had. He understood many words so we would end up spelling a word instead of saying the word knowing he would understand what we were talking about.Flash loved going outside with us on his leash, sit on the deck, lie in his cage in the sun and play catch with snowballs. He would always love to go out in the snow so we always had to shovel a spot on the deck for him to sit.

Although we and our 20 year old Tigeey are heart broken, Flash is happy now that he gets to see his first Mom and Dad who he never got over losing

Finian Hurley
Finian was a sweet, gentle, Maine Coon cat with a rare cream color who was born in northern New Hampshire. His life span paralleled my older daughter’s, who brought him home in the spring of her kindergarten year. Indeed, he was her special boy, preferring nothing more than to burrow in her lap while enjoying soothing strokes between the ears and under the chin. We were blessed to have Finian as part of our family right up until my daughter was to start her senior year of college. But Finian had a big heart and willingly gave and received love from all family members – He formed a special bond with my younger daughter after she returned from surgery and a lengthy hospitalization a few years back. His unwavering presence by her side plus the low purrs he emitted certainly helped the healing process! Finian had his playful side too, especially in his earlier years, and had bullet quick reflexes. While we are sad that Finian has passed over the Rainbow Bridge, we are so happy that he was an important part of our lives. Submitted by Joanellen Hurley

Figaro Maloney
2000 – 2015
I adopted Figaro along with 2 of his brothers Oliver and Sebastian with 2 of my roommates at the time. I was Figaro’s Mom and Oliver and Sebastian had their own separate Moms. They were born in Jamaica Plain, MA. He lived in Braintree, MA with his brothers for the first 5 years of his life. He was the biggest of his three brothers and also considered the alpha male. We then moved back to CT where I was originally from. He lived with my best friend and her dog Q who soon became the best of friends. Q was a Bichon Frise and you would often find Figaro and Q napping in the same bed as they liked to cuddle and be together. Figaro was very social and always welcomed new animal friends, even his adopted sister Paddy who was very feisty. He loved to play with his Harley Ball and had a fetish for plastic bags. He brought 15 years worth of love and memories and will be terribly missed. He will always be my handsome Prince and will be in my heart forever!

Paddy Maloney
2009 – 2015
Paddy was adopted in Glastonbury where she was found wandering in my neighborhood in search of food. As the weather got cooler she stayed on my front porch and soon made her way into the house and my heart. She loved to be outside and would bully other cats in the neighborhood by chasing them up trees as well as up and down the street. She loved to climb trees and I was always amazed at what she would get herself into. She got herself into plenty of trouble which led her to becoming an inside cat. She lived with her adopted brother Figaro and cousin Q. She developed a cancer that had taken over her body quickly but in her short time lived a fun and adventurous life. She had a feisty personality, but she was loved just the same. She also had a very sweet side to her and she will always be missed. She was definitely a Princess and if cats wore tiaras she would definitely wear hers proudly. I will never forget you Paddy! You will be in my heart forever.

Pacey Zahorodni
2003 – 2015
Pacey ~ Pace ~ Pacers
You were the best and we miss you so very much. You will always be in our hearts.
~ Gary, Debbie & Kelly

Medina Taha
1995 – 2012
I adopted my precious Medina, the gentle matriarch of my feline family, in November, 1995 when she was 6 weeks old. She loved me for 17 years, through two battles with cancer, chemotherapy, three surgeries and the death of two of my most beloveds, my husband of 40 years and my religious teacher and guide. She moved with me from from New York City to West Hartford, CT, where she loved me almost to the completion of a masters degree from the Hartford Seminary in 2013. In May, 2012, I did the most loving thing I could for her, and it shattered my heart. The photograph looks as if she is black and white, but Medina was a gray and white beauty. I will never recover from the loss of her physical presence, but her sweet and loving spirit will live in my heart forever.

Sirru Taha
2003 – 2015

I first saw my sweet Sirru (her name means a spiritual secret) in 2003 in a neighborhood pet store that had put her and her kittens up for adoption. I visited her weekly to take her out of the cage and give her love. When the kittens were gone, the store owner offered her to me .Sirru became a beloved and Loving member of my feline family, securing a forever home in my heart. I will love and miss her always.This is a picture of Sirru (notice her beautiful eyes) with her best friend, Yazzy, who is grieving in her own way.


Molly Janiga
2000 – 2015

Molly was a loyal and faithful cat. She protected her territory and only wanted to cuddle with our family. She was our first cat and she’s been thru everything with my sister and myself. She was there during 9/11 sitting next to me as the terrorist attacks unfolded. She watched as we graduated middle school, high school, and college. She watched us transform from kids to adults. You lived a very great and long life Molly and our family loves you.RIP Molly, We miss you and every little thing you used to do.~ The Janiga Family

2002 – 2015
“We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love . . . and then we return home.”
~Australian Aboriginal proverbWe miss our teacher and friend fiercely; however, with joy and gratitude, we cherish the wonderful times we had together with Clementine. We fully appreciate why the late poet Charles Bukowski mused, “in my next life, I want to be a cat,” for cats “know that everything is, just as it is.” Thanks for being, Clem.~Arthur Masi & Brian Hentz

Buddy Kotler
2002 – 2015
Buddy came into my life suddenly after a loss of a furry child but before I was considering new children. When I heard of kittens needing a home, I couldn’t say no, particularly to an orange tabby, my particular favorite. Buddy was labeled antisocial by the adoption agency. I said, “He just needs the right person.” To everyone’s amazement, when I entered the room, he scooted out of the cage he was huddled in, ran up my leg and perched on my shoulder. It was love at first sight. This love continued for 12 ½ years. He was my baby boy and no one could touch him but me; which was a shame, as he had the softest coat imaginable. To me he was gentle and cuddly and was always by my side. Buddy endured a lot of “fat jokes” by his family, but he was loved nonetheless. Buddy wasn’t fat, he was big boned! He leaves behind his sister, Daisy, who misses him as much as I do. I will miss playing catch, how he greets me at the door when I come home, sleeping with him on my legs, watching TV while he cuddled with me, him sitting on my lap watching my fish in the tank, watching him snooze with Daisy and lick her ears, and how he watched me through the window when I worked in the yard. I’ll even miss him walking all over my papers and the keyboard when I do schoolwork and how he woke me every hour in the night to eat! I miss everything about him. I was fortunate to be with Buddy until the very end, he will always know how much I loved him, as he was told and showed constantly. ~ Elaine

Rudy Merkelson
“Sweet Rudy”

Buzzy Cosgrove
12/18/05 – 3/7/15

We walked in to the shelter and there she was…she was in a cage and was suffering from an upper respiratory infection. Prior to being at the shelter, she lived with an old woman who had passed away. Out of all of the kitties there, she called to us before she even laid eyes upon us. She began slamming her head and body up against the cage and we knew she was meant to come home with us. We fell in love with her on the spot.We took her home and later that night when we had dinner, she stood up next to me on her hind legs and started to beg. My heart melted. I picked her up and gave her kisses and then some kitty treats. The next day she hopped up on the counter and stole a loaf of bread…she bit into the bag and dragged it under my desk. I gently picked her up and told her she never had to do that again, then I gave her more kitty treats and refilled her food bowl.

As she got older, she took over the whole house. She was in charge and she knew it.

She loved to eat, sit in her multiple window seats and soak up the sun, and watch the birds and squirrels. Together we would watch the trees and nature and enjoy our time together.

Buzzy was loved by everyone who met her. Whenever someone would visit, she would get very jealous and rub up against my leg until I picked her up so she was the center of attention.

We are all heartbroken that she is gone and will love her forever. She is forever in our hearts. David, Kim, Ian & Sarah

Peaker Kerrigan
It was a hot Arizona September in 1996, when we picked up Peaker from the animal shelter in New River, AZ. Her name came from Squaw Peak, a well-known mountain in Phoenix. She was a much loved member of our family for 18 years. She watched children grow up and go away to college; tolerated various “Peaker-sitters” during our family travels; moved across country to CT; and lived in a hotel for 2 months before settling into her new home in West Hartford. Peaker was our morning alarm clock; our work buddy with her own office chair; our lover of sunshine and of all things sweet. We miss you so much Peaks, but we know you’re enjoying your own peace of sunshine up in heaven. Thank you to all of the doctors and staff at Cats Limited who handled Peaker’s final hours with unbelievable care and respect. We will be forever grateful to her friends at Cats Limited. -Laura and Bill

Gabrielle “Gabby” Elizabeth Holmes
Nov 15, 2001 – Oct 2, 2014

My Gabby Girl…..I miss her so much! She was the love of my life! We struggled many times….who’s the boss in this house! Gabby won every time! We fought at Christmas time, because she would drink the water out of the tree stand. We named our tree last year “AnnaBelle!” My tree this year I will name “Gabby.”I want to thank you for all the care you provided! I know she loved all of you! ~ Ash

Max Krause

We will miss Max. He was a frinedly, beautiful cat. He helped us greet the neighbors and meet friends as he walked on his leash through the neighborhood. In the back yard, he showed us how to hunt for chipmunks or stretch out in a sunbeam. And at 6pm, it was time to snuggle up and watch the news.He was always in the center when we had family gatherings. To quote my daughter, “While we are all pretty sure that he was the favorite sibling, none of us held it against him. He was a fine, beautiful cat and the friendliest feline I have ever met. He will be missed by many.”

Minuit Mandly

My Minuit was a rescue cat. She was 18 months old when I found her in a run-down shelter in Berlin, Connecticut. She was skinny and her coat was grey and dull. On the way home in the car, she jumped out of her crate and was frantic.When she was finally home, she was so exhausted that she slept right away in the cat bed I found for her. My friend, Ken came over to meet her and suggested the name “Minuit” which is French for “midnight”. The name stuck and she seemed to understand from day one that it was her name.

Minuit was the smartest cat I ever owned. She knew all kinds of words and responded to them right away. Although she was always highly anxious, she was in charge from day one. When I brought our other kitten into the house, she mothered him from the beginning. Even when our large Maine Coon came to live with us, she was still very much in charge.

Minuit got wonderful care at Cat’s Limited although she was not fond of the visits. When she was diagnosed as a diabetic, she was a trooper about her twice daily insulin shots. She seemed to know they were making her feel better!

At the end, it was obvious that she had lost the quality of her life and she spent long days in my closet sleeping and hiding. She went to her final sleep very peacefully under the great care of the staff at Cat’s Limited.

I miss Minuit every day. She was my best buddy for 12 years. I know that she is the best cat they have in cat heaven! – Nancy Mandly

Baby Girl Bouchard
2004 – 2014

Before she officially became our cat, I remember her walking the neighborhood. I never gave it much thought since there were a few cats prowling around. My husband asked me if I had noticed the gray cat walking around and I said “Yes, who does she belong to?”Well, before we knew it she strolled down our driveway one day to introduce herself. I went into the house and chopped up some sliced deli meat for her which she devoured immediately. We fed her every day after that and let her sleep in our heated garage since it was starting to get cold at night.

After advertising for her owner with no response we decided to make her our own. We realized at once that she was an outdoor cat and she enjoyed hunting for her food. We had to name her and decided that what fit her best was Baby Girl. We loved her from the start! Several times we left for home early during vacations just to pick her up at Cats Limited where she enjoyed a condo vacation.

She wasn’t overly friendly and hated being picked up but she showed her love for us in her own ways, rubbing her soft furry body against our legs or napping next to us on the couch while we watched a movie.

We raised her for eight years and treated her like our only child, spoiling her which she thoroughly enjoyed. When Baby Girl wanted to eat she would let you know by walking on the bed and hitting us with her nose or meowing insistently until we got the hint.

Baby Girl was an outside cat until it started to rain (LOL). She had our spacious well shrubbed yard and our next door neighbor’s yard to call her own. She hunted mice, birds, chipmunks and anything else that moved. She was a very good hunter and would show off her prey at our slider waiting for praise from us.

She started to get sick recently, not eating, losing weight. She was diagnosed with diabetes and an elevated liver count. We did our best, giving her insulin and pills and force feeding her which as you can guess she didn’t like at all.

When it got to the point that she struggled with her normal routine we made the sad decision to put her to sleep in August. Everything around the house and yard is a reminder of our Baby Girl. We loved her and miss her very much. Eileen & Ron

Lucy Welch
May 6, 1994 – Sept. 5, 2014
20 years of sweet meows…Lucy was the dearest, most wonderful friend! She was always happy and loved to be with us…..
Sitting on the desk scrolling through Facebook was one of her very favorite past times….She sat with us through every meal and would get so excited when I made my nightly trip to the grill…..GRILLED CHICKEN was on tap for her and she knew it!!! She Loved nibbling and sticking her little button nose in my fresh flowers….She was an indoor cat for most of her life but the last couple of months we let her sit on the patio…
Oh…she loved it…she would stretch out on the lounge chair and just soak up the sun…then take a little stroll through the garden hoping to see one of those strange little creatures zipping in and out! (chipmunks).We will miss our little angel, and angel she was….
RIP Dear Lucy…we will never forget you…xxxooo

Stimpy Flynn
1999 – 2014

Stimpy found US many years ago. We think he was about a year old and only had half of his tail which made him very distinct.He had a very sweet personality and was loved by everyone who knew him. No matter where we went, Stimpy was portable and came along for the overnight. He adjusted well and was a seasoned traveler having his own travel gear.

Wrapping gifts was Stimp’s favorite! Whenever he heard any gift wrap out he was right there and loved chewing on the curly ribbon and just lying on the tissue paper or inside the box!! This made everything even more special to have my little helper adding his own special touch!

Stimpy was such a special member of our family and he filled our lives with so much love and happiness over the years. We now have such tender and fun memories to look back on and cherish.

He had his special way of always adding such fun and love to our family by just being himself!

We are so lucky to have been “found” by Stimpy to share his life and enjoy the years together.

He is missed by all who loved and knew him!

~Jim & Chris Flynn

Miss Lilly Lowengard
1996 – 2014
Twelve years ago, I was asked if I would like to adopt a cat that was about to lose its home. I agreed to see the cat and went over to look at it. My ?rst look was through the back window, of a very beautiful calico meowing at me as I looked at her through the glass. When I entered the house she was very shy and hid from me. I decided that I would like to have the cat and went home to pick up my cat carrier since I didn’t have it with me when I ?rst met her. I picked her up and took her home to my apartment. She liked jumping onto counters and high places to knock things off of them. I was told that she loved to do that as well as hiding keys. The person who I acquired her from told me that her name is Lilly, so I decided to keep it and added Miss in front of it. Eventually she got used to me and would jump onto my lap. but she did not like being carried that much. She was also a very singular kitty, she only let me pick her up and she really did not like any other animals or people. I would take her to my parent’s house if I was going somewhere and she would stay up on the third ?oor and would only go down when there was a thunderstorm. She did not like the noise and would hide in a second ?oor closet. I am missing her very much, and hope to someday acquire another companion.

Alice Kumm
2004 – 2014
The sweetest little girl in the world. I could write a book about the love, the smiles, the laughs this little girl brought in to my life.
I guess we all could. I miss her terribly. But I am selfish. I will wait a few months , get my house ready and adopt again. because I know there are more wonderful cats that want to share their love.~Thank you for your care for Alice.

Lewis Michaud
1999 – 2014

Dear All – Thank you for your thoughtful card after our loss of Lewis. We miss him very much; our house seems so empty. Lewis loved his beings and was a very smart boy. His other monikers were Mr. Sweetie Pie, Nutty Buddy and of course Mr. Lewis. Thank you for your care and concern over the years, much appreciated.~ Bob and Mel Michaud

Clark Michaud
1999 – 2014

Clark was a dear companion with a gentle personality. He was our precious handsome boy. He loved to be with his beings in the kitchen and on the bed. He is sorely missed by his family including brother Lewis. Thank you for your gentleness in caring for Clark, your thoughtful card and kind words.~ Sincerely,

Bob and Melanie

Leo Levitt
1997 – 2014

When I went to pick out kittens almost 17 years ago, you and your sister Isobel literally tried to climb up my legs to get to me. I scooped you both up, one in each hand, and the purring was so loud I think they heard it in the next town over! Pure, instant love. The easiest and most wonderful decision I ever made was taking you two home. For 17 years you have been my welcome wagon when I came home, my best friend through the good times and bad, and the best snuggler a person could ever wish for. You have given me unconditional love and joy and I will miss you everyday. I think a part of me thought you would live forever – you surely will live on forever in my heart.~ Jenna Levitt

Muffin Aller
October 14, 2000 – December 11, 2013

I am grateful to you all for your loving care for so many years (exactly 13 to the day when I brought Muffin and Mocha home!), and especially for his last hours. This photo was taken on the last morning, just before bringing him down to you. He was lying on feathers right to the end!~ Susan

Jerry Janssen
1997 – 2013

I first picked up Jerry and his sister Springer 16 years ago. As a kitten he was so cute and so hyper…lol. Over the years, Jerry and I bonded. He would always wish me good bye in the morning. At night no matter what type of day I had, he was there again. He loved sleeping in my winter coats and he loved it when I would pet him. It’s been said that cats have 9 lives…Well, I hope his next owner will love him just as much as I did. Love you and good luck buddy…Ken Janssen

Molly McDonald
2003 – 2013

Remembering our Molly…We miss her so much. We miss her doing all of the things she loved, like being brushed and laying on her scratch pad everyday. She also enjoyed jumping into the Pachysandra. She had her daily routine and we followed it. She was so good natured and loving. She was also very spoiled. She was always waiting at the door when we came home. She had her own pink blanket and loved to lay against her pillow. Comfort was her thing. She was so beautiful with her long silky black fur, large double paws and large eyes like an owl. All of the pictures we have for every season, for all occasions, she is there. She gave us so many memories and we were so lucky for that. She is everywhere in our home. She will be with us always. We will love Molly forever.~Judy & Rich McDonald

Mika Giampaolo
1993 – 2013

Our sweet girl. We miss you so much. You were always spunky and wanted things on your terms and we didn’t mind a bit! We nursed you through diabetes and you were our brave, tough cookie. The day you went off insulin was one of the happiest days of our lives. We were so lucky to have you for over nineteen years. You were a gift to us in so many ways. We will miss taking care of you and seeing your beautiful face.With all our Love,

Mom, Dad and your “sister” Lisa

Cleo Hoffman
1997 – 2013
I was 10 when I first got Cleo… When I was 7 we moved into our new house when a black stray cat showed up. He lived a good life for 3 years until one day he disappeared. I was devastated. He was my best friend and he followed me everywhere. A few months later I told my mother that I wanted another black cat. We called a woman who was fostering a black and white kitten. I instantly fell in love and when I arrived at the woman’s house, I had met my soon to be best friend Cleo. We took her home that day. She followed me everywhere. We would walk through the woods together and if I sped up, she would do her little butt wiggle, chase and jump up at me. We used to play hide and seek together too. I would hide behind a piece of furniture and call her name. I’d poke my head out really fast at her and then hide again. She would come speeding at me and jump on whatever I was hiding behind. We would lie in the grass together, enjoying each other’s company and the beautiful weather. I am almost 26 now and I miss my best friend of almost 16 years. I will never forget her. She was always there for me and I will continue to miss her until the day we are reunited again. Thank you for the comfort and compassion your staff showed me when I had to put my Cleo down. Putting her to sleep was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I will miss her terribly, but I couldn’t have been at a better place or with a better group of people. Thank you for everything. ~Jennifer Hoffman

Becky Bohannon
This is Becky’s favorite hiding place…behind our daughter Steph’s shower curtain…She loved to hide there! Becky was a member of our family and is very much missed by all of us, especially her sister “Rachel”. We will always miss her, but will treasure our pictures and memories. Thank you again, for the wonderful care and support you offered to all of us ~The Bohannon Family

Casey Walsh
2011 – 2013
“Casey, In my husband’s sock drawer”! Casey was a rescue from Puerto Rico. She brought with her some health issues, one being Leukemia. But that didn’t stop her from living a short, but very active life full of playing with her toys and “me”! Casey had a “YVBF personality” (Your Very best Friend), and gave me so much joy and laughter, and now my life is filled with so many happy memories. ~Marilyn Walsh

Buddy McCloskey
Unknown – 2006
The sweetest, most loveable cat we ever had. He was such a sweet lap cat. We brought him home from NYC and, right away, he loved to watch the birds and rabbits through the picture windows. The vet told us he had some kind of stroke like problem and recovered for awhile. A month later though, he died of internal bleeding. We were so, so upset. We burried him wrapped in a cuddly blue blanket under our pine tree. The next day, I looked out of the window and the blue blanket was laying on top of the ground. I started to scream and the neighbor came over to check it out. A bear in the area dug him up, but thanfully, never touched his body. The bear pulled the blanket out of the grave. We guess he was nosy to see what was burried in the grave. We miss Buddy all the time and will always remember him as Dad’s “Buddy” because he’d follow him around the house and sit as his desk with him while he worked. We still have a stone as a marker and will never forget him.

Fluffy McCloskey
1999 – 2007
We miss our fluffy fat cat. After many years of giving her two shots of insulin each day, it was very hard to have her put asleep. I remember the time when we couldn’t find her and Dad found her in the basement laying very still. Dad was crying and crying and called for me to see her. We thought she was dead, but wait…a heart beat! So, we started to pry her mouth open and pour Karo syrup in her mouth,,she came around in a few minutes. We rushed her to the vet and saved her life. We miss you, but know you are better off and more peaceful in kitty heaven.

Spencer McCloskey
1999 – 2007
Uncle Spencer the big orange cat. Although you were only here for a short time, you left quite an impression on everyone. You wanted everyone to know you were the boss and those that didn’t understand that, still have the scars to remember you by. I could never quite figure out how you were able to open the refrigerator door to get to your catnip when no one was around, but I could always count on you waiting for me at the door every night when I got home. When you developed that terrible heart problem, we did all we could to keep you with us and comfortable. However, frequent trips to the vet to have your heart drained of fluid and we knew, that was not any kind of life for you. We did the kindest thing we could and took you to the vet where they gently ended your suffering and you peacefully went to sleep. It was one of the worst moments of my life and I can say, you are terribly missed! You leave behind cats Rocco and Seamus who would have loved to have you as their mentor because they’re just about as mischievous as you were! Thanks for the memories little buddy. – Your Dad.

BooBear Robbins McCloskey
1992 – 2009
To our beautiful, sweet BooBear. It’s been two years since you’ve passed and, still, not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and miss you like we said goodbye yesterday. You were my family member and support team through many years in New York City where, not matter how cold the weather got or how stressful life seemed at times, I could return home to your warmth and all stress and worries melted away. Besides being able to count on you meeting me at the door with love and plenty of purrs, I think It’s cuddling with you each night I miss the most. I wish you hadn’t gotten so sick at the end of your life, but I still feel comfort knowing we had seventeen great years together. Saying goodbye to you that day at the vet was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do (and still brings tears to my eyes), but I know it was the very best thing to do for you. We all miss you, but know we’ll see you again. All my love, your mama, along with daddy Jeff, Daisy, Rocco, Brooklyn, Seamus and Annie.