At Cats Limited we stress the importance of preventative medicine and regular physical exams for your cat. We follow the guidelines set by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP); cats under 7 years of age should receive a wellness exam once a year, and cats seven and over should be seen twice a year. Surprisingly, when cats turn 7 years old they are considered “Seniors”.

We like to take a proactive approach to your cat’s health care rather than waiting for problems to occur. An annual wellness exam will include a thorough physical examination, discussion of vaccine protocols, senior pet care protocols (if a senior kitty), alternative treatments, and nutrition.
As your cat ages, normal changes occur that may or may not present health issues. Early diagnosis during your cat’s Senior Wellness Examination may reveal health issues which, when treated early, tend to increase your cat’s lifespan, are easier to maintain, and are less costly.